Peru blueberries to be present in world's markets

Exportación de arándanos ascenderá a US$ 70 millones al cierre del 2015

Exportación de arándanos ascenderá a US$ 70 millones al cierre del 2015

13:15 | Lima, Feb. 15.

Peruvian blueberries will be available in all international markets in 2017, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Eduardo Ferreyros projected.

"I forecast Peruvian blueberries will be present in all international markets in 2017. This product experienced a 188% increase last year," Ferreyros told State-run TV Peru station.

The high-ranking official went on to add blueberry expansion in overseas marketplaces has just begun.

In this sense, the government currently articulates efforts with exporters to ship this fruit to all supermarkets around the world.

"Agro-exports comprise the star-sector, when it comes to non-traditional exports. We are increasingly launching new products, thus positioning us in the healthy foods sector thanks to Peruvian superfoods and new products such as blueberries," he said. 

It should be noted blueberries became the second largest contributor to Peru's total agricultural exports, and the first in terms of non-traditional agro-exports. 

Among fresh fruits, they became the Andean country's third-most exported product.

Two-fold increase by 2021

The cabinet member reaffirmed national exports will recover this year.

The government aims at doubling them by 2021, in order to reach the goal of cashing in US$70 billion a year.


Published: 2/15/2017