Peru Aspero Raymi: Visitors enjoy festive atmosphere in Caral's fishing town

15:05 | Barranca (Lima region), May. 6.

Hundreds of people enjoyed the traditional Aspero Raymi held by Caral Archaeological Zone (ZAC) —the Culture Ministry's executing unit— in Supe Puerto-Barranca district, within the framework of the 14th anniversary of research, conservation, and dissemination works at the archaeological site of Aspero—Caral civilization's fishing town.

Cultural activities —led by Ruth Shady, head of ZAC— started on April 26 with a school parade featuring students of early, primary and secondary education institutions based in Barranca.

Dressed in handmade costumes made from recycled materials, the young participants called on citizens to care for the environment. 

Additionally, the students recited the cultural significance of Caral —the oldest known civilization in the Americas (3,000-1,800 years B.C.)

A gratitude and offering ceremony to the sea —known as Payment to the Cochamama— took place in the evening in the presence of attendees and authorities.

On Saturday, April 27, visitors witnessed a series of contests and attended an artistic festival held by cultural associations of the place.

All visitors enjoyed free admission and guided tour at the archaeological site that day.

Shady stressed the importance of knowing how our resources were managed in the past. This knowledge should not be limited to the academic world, but shared with the surrounding communities.

"We are trying to identify ourselves with our social history, as this is necessary to generate reflections, understand the way we lived in the past and how we live now, as well as create better living conditions, just as our ancestral societies did," she added.

It must be noted the site had received more than eight tons of garbage before its restoration. Besides, its history has been recovered and important discoveries have been made in 14 years.


Published: 5/6/2019