Peru Ambassador pays work visit to Kyoto, recognizes Honorary Consul in Japan

13:25 | Kyoto (Japan), May. 15.

Peruvian Ambassador to Japan Harold Forsyth paid a work visit to the Japanese city of Kyoto on May 9-10 to give a lecture at the University of Foreign Studies.

During his speech, the diplomat talked about the bilateral relations between Peru and Japan, as well as the Inca country's progress and challenges in the economic-commercial, political, social, and tourist domains within the regional and global frameworks. 

Afterwards, Ambassador Forsyth held a meeting with University of Foreign Studies Founder Yoshikazu Morita, who addressed the possibility of cooperation agreements between this educational institution and Peruvian ones. 

Likewise, the diplomat met with Kyoto City Tourism Association Chairman Yasuo Kashihara. In this sense, they mentioned the interest in exploring cooperation and experience exchange mechanisms aimed at promoting tourism in both countries.

Forsyth also held a meeting with Kyoto Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa, who underlined his administration seeks harmonious tourism development in the city, as there are 18 universities with approximately 10,000 students, including foreigners, more specifically, 12 Peruvian students. 

Moreover, they addressed the initiative "League of Historical Cities," which has so far 117 city members from 65 countries, including Kyoto and Cusco (Peru). Its goal is to connect cities offering significant historical and cultural heritage. 

Finally, the Japanese Mayor mentioned the program "Partner Cities," which seeks a greater interaction with other metropolises interested in associating themselves with Kyoto. 

On the other hand, Honorary Consul of Peru in Kyoto Genshitsu Sen was granted the decoration of the Order of Merit of the Diplomatic Service of Peru Jose Gregorio Paz Soldan, Commander Degree, for his services. 


Published: 5/15/2019
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