Peru airs first Quechua newscast

ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

14:33 | Lima, Dec. 12.

Peruvian television made history this morning by launching its very-first newscast thoroughly produced in Quechua, drawing the interest of national press and prestigious international media outlets such as CNN, Televisa and CCTV.

The global networks followed the launch of "Ñuqanchik," broadcasted by TV Peru public network and aired simultaneously on Radio Nacional (national radio).

This way, the news program stands as the pioneer in providing news for the Inca nation's Quechua speakers, who account for over four million Peruvians. 

Ñuqanchik's premiere was led by Peru's National Institute of Radio and Television (IRTP) Executive President Hugo Coya.

The first episode featured various authorities, including Prime Minister Fernando Zavala, Interculturality Deputy-Minister Alfredo Luna Briceño and Indigenous Languages Director Agustin Panizo.

All Quechua

Following the broadcast, the IRTP head proved satisfied with this first step, a milestone in Peruvian television. 

"While attempts were made in the past, those news shows were translated from Spanish. But here, the entire team is composed of Quechua speakers," he pointed out.

"The difference is that, since the whole crew speaks Quechua, its target, focus and construction is based on the interests of Quechua speakers," he added.  

Challenges ahead

Coya also announced more historic initiatives regarding indigenous languages: "Our next challenge is a news bulletin in Aymara. We will then move on to other native languages such as Awajun and Ashaninka, among others."

"Our goal is to reach out to places, where the majority of the population speak a language different from Spanish. The commitment is that TV Peru and Radio Nacional should cater for all Peruvians."

The Executive-Director also anticipated other entertainment-related contents in different languages. "In fact, we already have one for music, but we will also have entertainment spaces in native languages, both in TV Peru and Radio Nacional," he informed.

Coya's sentiment was shared by Ñuqanchik producer Carol Ruiz, as well as anchors Marisol Mena and Clodomiro Landeo, who expressed their excitement about the program.

Ñuqanchik will air simultaneously on Radio Nacional (national radio) and TV Peru Mon – Fri at 5:30 AM (local time). 


Published: 12/12/2016