Peru: 9.32 million people reside in Lima

14:26 | Lima, Jan. 18.

On the occasion of the 483rd anniversary of Lima's foundation, Peru's capital city has currently a population of 9.32 million people, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) informed Thursday.

From the 43 districts that make up Lima province, the most populous one is peripheral San Juan de Lurigancho (1,162,000), followed by San Martin de Porres (745,151), Ate (678,000), Comas (544,000), Villa El Salvador (492,000), and Villa Maria del Triunfo (474,000).

These are followed by San Juan de Miraflores (422,000), Los Olivos (392,000), Puente Piedra (383,000), and Santiago de Surco (364,000).

The study also showed the least populous districts are Punta Hermosa (8,000) and Santa Maria del Mar (1,700).

Working population

According to Permanent Employment Survey (EPE) results, Lima's working population totaled 4,371,100 people in 2017.

From this total, 54.4% were men (2,379,200) and 45.6% women (1,991,900).


Published: 1/18/2018
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