Peru: 70% of LGBT aged 18-29 are dependent workers

18:54 | Lima, Apr. 20.

The first online survey of LGBT people in Peru revealed that 69.5% of 18-29-year-old members of this community work as employees, while 17.5% are independent or self-employed.

It must be noted the study was completed by 12,026 people aged over 18.

Plus, it was conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) between May and August 2017 at the request of the Justice Ministry, the Ombudsman's Office and various legislators.

Research has found that 71.8% (8,630 people) of the total LGTB population (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) are between 18 and 29 years old and the remaining 28.2% (3,396 people) are aged 30 or more.

The main occupations among people in the 18-29 age group are professionals, scientists, and intellectuals (28.2%), followed by technicians and assimilated workers (22.6%), as well as chiefs and office workers (15.9%).

Discrimination at work

11.5% of respondents reported experiencing some type of discrimination at work: they were not paid what they were promised (33.3%), they had to work day and night (30.8%), and/or they were threatened or physically, verbally or sexually abused (24.9%).

On the other hand, 6.4% of this population group reported having undertaken sex work almost always by choice. The most common way to get in contact with clients was via Internet (66.8%), friends/partners (25.2%), streets and squares (17.7%), preferred clients (14.7%), among others.

It should be noted 65.5% of respondents filled in the questionnaire in Lima, while between 4% and 6% of respondents were in Arequipa, Callao and La Libertad. The lowest participation was recorded in Madre de Dios, Pasco and Huancavelica.

Education level and health

According to the results, 52.2% of those surveyed were born female and 47.8% male. The majority (69.1%) identify as mestizo, 16.4% as white, and 4.9% as black/a person of mixed white and black ancestry. 

Another fact that is worth mentioning is that disability affects 3.1% of the self-identified LGBT population aged 18-29.

As for educational attainment, 60.6% of them completed a year in higher education. Meanwhile, 19.5% have higher non-university education and 14.5% have secondary education. On the contrary, 3.6% of the analyzed LGBT people neither study nor work.

The online survey's data show that 69.3% of said group received information on how to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV. Likewise, 64.2% stated they used methods to prevent STIs/HIV, mainly condoms (93.8%).

According to the survey's findings, 67.9% of participants have health insurance coverage. They are enrolled in EsSalud (40.1%), private insurance (25.6%), and Comprehensive Health Insurance—SIS (25.4%) plans.


Published: 4/20/2018
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