Peru: 142 wildfires reported between July and August

00:00 | Lima, Aug. 27.

So far, 142 wildfires have been reported throughout Peru, between July 27 and August 26. Most of them were caused by human activity, but they have all been extinguished, except for one that burns in Tamburco district (Apurimac region), Peru's National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) reported.

The majority of these fires were registered in Cusco (32), followed by Ayacucho (14), Huanuco and Puno (12 each), and Ancash (10) regions. 

Meanwhile, fire events occurred in Amazonas (6), Madre de Dios (3), whereas only one was recorded in Loreto and Ucayali.

Moreover, all information and warning systems have been activated to prevent and act quickly in case an event of this kind occurs.

Regional authorities in Madre de Dios, Loreto, and Ucayali are working in cooperation with competent institutions in the implementation of these actions.

According to the National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor), hot spots involve stubble and pasture burnings practiced by farmers.

For its part, a forest fire happens when such burnings get out of control and get to forest plantations or woods.

In Apurimac

The Apurimac Region Government noted that —since August 24 to date— a fire brigade has been deployed to the affected area to control and extinguish the fire threatening the Ampay National Reserve.

The brigade —composed of the Apurimac Region Government personnel, firefighters, the National Police, Civil Defense volunteers, the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (Sernanp), and Abancay citizens— keeps fighting the blaze.

Two helicopters sent to Bolivia

Likewise, in response to a request of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the Executive Branch has stipulated the dispatch of two helicopters equipped with water containers and ground teams to support wildfire relief efforts in the Amazon region of that country.

The Armed Forces coordinate the planning and preparation of aircraft and ground teams for said response actions.

For its part, Senamhi continues to monitor the air quality, and so far no damage has been reported within Peruvian territory, specifically in Madre de Dios and Ucayali regions.


Published: 8/27/2019
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