ONPE results: Castillo (50.125%); Fujimori (49.875%) with 100% of voting records counted

Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori

Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori

16:27 | Lima, Jun. 15.

The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) on Tuesday finished counting the 86,488 voting records of the June 6 presidential runoff election, which indicates that candidate Pedro Castillo (Peru Libre) obtained 50.125% of votes, followed by Keiko Fujimori (Fuerza Popular) with 49.875%.

According to ONPE's latest report, Castillo received a total of 8,835,579 votes, while his contender, Fujimori, got 8,791,521.

In total, there are 17,627,100 valid votes, 121,477 blank votes, and 1,108,039 invalid votes, bringing the total of ballots cast to 18,856,616.

Moreover, the report indicates that 74.568% of citizens took part in the electoral process.

The results of the presidential runoff election are presented in more detail in the following link.

The entry, digitalization and verification of all voting records at 104 tally centers, as well as the subsequent count of votes, have been broadcast continuously since June 6 on the electoral body's website and Twitter account.

In addition, as evidence of faithful and unrestricted respect for the popular will expressed at the polls, the ONPE has gradually published —on its website— images of the voting records processed and counted at tally centers.


Published: 6/15/2021
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