New Peruvian Sol coin allusive to Pusharo Petroglyphs


11:26 | Lima, Mar. 25.

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR) has launched today the 20th coin that is part of the "Wealth and Pride of Peru" Numismatic Series. This time it is allusive to the Pusharo Petroglyphs that are located in Madre de Dios.

According to a publication in El Peruano official newspaper, this is an edition composed of 12 million units.

The coin is legal tender in the country. It can be used for any commercial transaction, it was confirmed.

The coat of arms of Peru is on the head. The exergue shows the inscription of the Central Reserve Bank, the year of minting and an 8-side polygon forming the coin's fillet.

On the other side, The Pusharo Petroglyphs appear in the center with the phrase “Petroglifos de Pusharo S.XV-S.XVI d.c.”


Published: 3/25/2015