New orchid species discovered in Machu Picchu archaeological park

Se trata de especies Epidendrum Ochoae, Epidendrum Incahuamanii, y Epidendrum Mormontoy.

13:07 | Cusco, Aug. 22.

Three new species of orchids have been recently found in Machu Picchu archaeological park in addition to the 300 already registered ones, it was informed during a ceremony held in Cusco city.

According to Volume 15 of the scientific magazine on orchids Icones Orchidacearum, the three new species are: Epidendrum Ochoae, Epidendrum Incahuamanii, and Epidendrum Mormontoy, named after their discoverers.

Gustavo Ochoa Estrada is in charge of the Machu Picchu Biocultural Management Conservation Program; Feliciano Incahuamani Atausinchi is Machu Picchu Llaqta guard and caretaker and; Rolando Mormontoy is Machu Picchu Inca Trail guard and caretaker at the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco (DDCC).

The organization noted the park’s conservation and preservation, according to Biologist Benjamin Collantes, representative of the said scientific publication, who handed over a copy of Volume 15, icons, pictures, scientific drawings to each of the honored individuals.


Published: 8/22/2015
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