National flag waves on Huascaran peak, marks Bicentennial of Peru's Independence

09:50 | Huaraz (Ancash region), Jul. 16.

The Peruvian national flag already waves at the summit of the Huascaran snow-capped peak (6,786 m.a.s.l.) as part of the celebrations and symbolic acts commemorating the Bicentennial of Independence (1821-2021).

"Exciting!" is the exclamation introducing the message that Marca Peru (Peru Brand) posted on Facebook to report on the presence of the red and white flag at the highest point in the territory.

Red and white pride

"Red like the mascaypacha (a royal crown) of the Incas, white like the snow on the Huascaran, our beautiful flag waves at the highest point of the country in our Independence month," the post says.

The publication included a 21-second video recorded from the top of the mountain.

The capture shows a mountain climber from the Bicentennial Flag Project waving the national symbol as he walks on the snow of Huascaran.

Internet users excited

The publication has been commented by dozens of Internet users with phrases evoking the national pride and the beauty of the country's landscapes, as well as congratulations to Peruvian nationals on the Bicentennial month.

The Bicentennial Flag project —led by mountaineer Victor Rimac— went on an expedition to the summit of the snowy peak with a large red and white flag —measuring 200 m long and 20 m wide— to commemorate the 200 years of Peru's Independence.

The expedition

More than 20 mountaineers left the rural community of Mitimaes —located in Carhuaz Province of Ancash region—carrying the two-colored flag. The expedition reached the highest point of the Cordillera Blanca (White Range) on July 12.


Published: 7/16/2021