Moody's: Trade war impact on Peruvian economy not big

17:25 | Lima, Oct. 19.

Moody's Investors Service Vice-President Jaime Reusche on Friday said he sees no sign of a significant impact of the U.S.-China trade war on the Peruvian economy.

According to him, this conflict has made a distinction between solid emerging economies and vulnerable ones. 

“Investors are aware that Peru is the second best rated (country) in Latin America, and this is due to its strong macro-fiscal foundations,” Moody's representative told Andina news agency. 

However, external volatility is affecting variables such as metal prices and, as a result, the country's investment and economy could lose momentum. 

Although economic authorities will remain vigilant, fostering greater fiscal prudence and ensuring political noise does not negatively impact economic confidence and recovery is not a bad idea. 

“For that reason, the political class should become aware of the delicate external situation and that toning down political tensions would support the stability and confidence Peru has in investors' eyes,” Reusche concluded. 


Published: 10/19/2018
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