Mistura food festival to lure up to 30,000 foreign visitors

Photo: ANDINA/César Campos

14:30 | Lima, Jul. 09.

More than 30,000 tourists from abroad are expected to flock to Peru for attending this year's edition of Mistura Food Festival, Latin America's largest culinary event, the fair planning committee has announced.
Manuel del Solar, head of Mistura's Tourism Committee, said the majority of foreigners who will be attending the 2014's event are professional chefs, food journalists, researchers and culinary students.

"Culinary students from Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brasil and Mexico will attend this great food festival as well as its international congress of gastronomy," the fair's senior representative said.

He noted they are strongly interested in knowing in depth the flagship products of the Peruvian cuisine as well as in visiting the stands of the country's landmark eateries and markets at the 10-day fair. 

Likewise, Solar pointed out that representatives from many international companies have confirmed their attendance to the food festival. "Some companies seek to acquire Peruvian franchises, while others aim to gain inspiration from our cuisine".

Furthermore, he stressed that many diplomatic missions of Peru are carrying out several activities aimed at promoting this year's food fair which will run under the theme "Biodiversity and Nutrition".
The 7th edition of the festival will take place from 5th September through 14th September on the Costa Verde, located in Lima's seaside district of Magdalena del Mar, for the second year straight.

The Peruvian leading gastronomic fair attracted more than 350,000 people in 2013, while this year the festival expects to break the record attendance by surpassing a half million visitors.


Published: 7/9/2014