Mining investment to reach over US$17 billion in southern Peru

Explotación minera. Foto: ANDINA/ archivo.

Explotación minera. Foto: ANDINA/ archivo.

16:33 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Sep. 22.

Five regions in southern Peru have built up a portfolio of mining projects entailing an investment of US$17.9 billion for the following years, Peru's National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE) President Jose Miguel Morales informed within the framework of Perumin 32nd Mining Convention.

These investments planned in Arequipa, Cusco, Tacna, Moquegua and Puno regions account for 28% of the portfolio of mining projects located across the national territory.


“Mining investment in Arequipa is expected to reach US$9.4 billion on average, of which US$4.6 billion has already been spent at Cerro Verde,” he pointed out.
Pampa de Pongo (US$1.5 billion), Tia MarIa (US$1.4 billion), Zafranal (US$1.12 billion), Don Javier (US$600 million) and Tambomayo (US$250 million) are also included in such portfolio of projects.

Moquegua and Puno

According to Morales, Moquegua is another major region, since it expected to get some US$5.32 billion in investment as a result of Quellaveco (US$3.3 billion), Los Calatos (US$1.32 billion) and San Gabriel (US$700 million) projects. 

On the other hand, Corani, Santa Ana, Bofedal II and Ollachea projects are due to bring a US$1 billion investment to the Puno region.

Tacna and Cusco

Southern’s Toquepala expansion will involve a US$1.2 billion investment in Tacna, and the Quechua, Crespo, Accha, Cerro Ccopane projects in Cusco region will get a total of US$946 million.


Published: 9/22/2015