Lima hosts Pacific Alliance meetings

10:49 | Lima, Mar. 21.

Peru is hosting important meetings of the Pacific Alliance at ministries' headquarters in Lima. The gatherings began Tuesday and will continue until Friday, March 23.

Running from March 20 to 21, the 29th Round of Meetings of Technical Groups of the Pacific Alliance brings together delegations from the bloc's member countries: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Its aim is to fulfill the President's mandates set forth in the Declaration of Cali back in June 2017.

This round will feature 14 Technical Groups, whose reports will be submitted, for consideration, to national coordinators from each member country, prior to their meeting on March 22.

Later, on March 23, Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade will hold the 43rd meeting of the High-Level Group (HLG) to address issues like the preparation of the Alliance's Strategic Vision for 2030, the progress in negotiations with associate member candidates, and the preparation of new mandates.

Likewise, the HLG will meet with representatives of the Pacific Alliance Business Council, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), and the finance ministries of the four nations

Subsequent gatherings will be held in Mexico. These preparatory meetings will precede the Presidential Summit in Puerto Vallarta —on July 24-25— where Peru will take over the pro tempore presidency of the Alliance.


The Pacific Alliance was established as an economic and development initiative. Nowadays, it has become the axis of a new way of doing business in the continent.

This trade bloc is a mechanism for political, economic cooperation and integration aimed at finding a space to promote greater growth and competitiveness of the four economies that make it up (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru).

On an annual basis, the Pacific Alliance rotates the pro tempore presidency among its members.

It must be noted Chile was handed over the presidency by Peru in 2016, and then Colombia was chosen to hold it in 2017.


Published: 3/21/2018
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