Lima Group urges Venezuela to reconsider election date

00:00 | Lima, Feb. 14.

The Lima Group urged Venezuela to reconsider its decision to hold early presidential elections on April 22, as it hampers completion of a democratic, transparent and credible process.

In a joint statement, the 14 countries expressed firm rejection of the call for omitting all Venezuelan political actors, observers, and international standards.

"Elections that fail to meet these conditions will lack all legitimacy and credibility," foreign affair ministers reiterated in a press conference.

In this sense, the Group exhorted Venezuelan authorities to reconsider the date of presidential elections and to provide a new electoral timetable.

The ministers said elections cannot be free and fair without the participation of political prisoners, with electoral authorities controlled by the regime, and with Venezuelans unable to vote abroad.

The Lima Group held a meeting in Peru's capital city on Tuesday afternoon to address early presidential elections in Venezuela.

The event was attended by Foreign Affairs Ministers and representatives from 14 countries (Latin American nations plus Canada).

The Group convened in Lima back in August 2017 to monitor the political crisis in the Bolivarian country.


Published: 2/14/2018
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