Landmarks around the world light up with colors of Peruvian flag

18:30 | Lima, Jul. 29.

Several landmarks around the world lit up with the colors of the Peruvian flag as part of the celebrations marking the Bicentennial of the country's independence.

In Canada, the Niagara Waterfalls and the CN Tower displayed red and white lighting at night.

A similar spectacle was observed at the Bolivar Palace, the Capital Bank Tower, and the Cathedral in Old Panama, which are emblematic places in Panamanian territory.

In Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Obelisk, the Monumental Tower, the Women's Bridge, and the Power Station of Art lit up in red and white.

The same lighting was observed in Santo Domingo —the capital of Dominican Republic— as well as at buildings of the Brazilian Federal Senate.

In Colombia, the red and white lights, as well as Peruvian culture symbols, were displayed at the Colpatria Tower; while, in Chile, the colors of the Peruvian flag were projected at post offices in Santiago, the Falabella Palace in Providencia, and the Municipal Palace in Peñaflor.

The same occurred at the City of Arts and Sciences and at the Conference Center in Valencia (Spain), as well as at the National Monument in Indonesia.

In Mexico, the Chapultepec Aqueduct, the Oil Fountain, the Revolution Monument, and the Constitution Square were illuminated with Peru's national colors.

Another landmark that lit up in red and white was the Denver City Hall, in the United States. 

The same happened at the Carter Fountain and Michael Fowler Center in Wellington, New Zealand.

Moreover, the red and white colors of the national flag were seen at Pearl Tower in Bangkok —the capital of Thailand— as well as at Kenyon (a group of shopping centers) in Beersheba, Israel.

As is known, Peruvians are celebrating the 200th anniversary of independence from Spain.


Published: 7/29/2021
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