KPMG: Peru CEOs optimistic about economic growth

PARACAS-PERÚ, DICIEMBRE 03. Reunión de ejecutivos CADE 2015 en Paracas. Foto: ANDINA/ Carlos Lezama

PARACAS-PERÚ, DICIEMBRE 03. Reunión de ejecutivos CADE 2015 en Paracas. Foto: ANDINA/ Carlos Lezama

14:42 | Lima, Jul. 5.

Peruvian CEOs remain optimistic about the Inca country's economic landscape, according to KPMG's 2017 Global CEO Outlook Survey.

Conducted by KPMG and Forbes magazine, the study reveals 84% of Peru's top executives are confident that their companies will grow in the next 3 years. 

The research indicates Peruvian CEOs expect their firms to post 0.01%-1.99% annual growth rates thru 2020.

Said findings are based on the views of 25 Peruvian CEOs who —for the first time— were part of the CEO Outlook 2017's Latin American CEOs respondents.

The above is in line with the broader Latin American positive trend: 86% of CEOs surveyed in the region are optimistic about their businesses. 

However, such "confidence at home" is partly clouded by increasing external factors looming over their companies' performance. 


In this sense, at least 60% of respondents evidenced unease about increasing regulations restricting business growth.

The political scenario also posed cause for concern, as top executives see politics having greater impact on their organizations nowadays. 

Such business paradigm shift calls on executives to become more proactive in preventing and managing external risks. 

Changing priorities

On the other hand, KPMG Senior Managing Partner in Peru Oscar Caipo noted CEOs are turning not only to technology, but also to good corporate governance practices to guarantee long-term continuation. 

Likewise, he highlighted the Global CEO Outlook has identified a change in CEOs' strategic priorities worldwide. 

In the case of Peru, the KPMG officer said innovation, the implementation of disruptive technology and the building of public trust will be business strategies' priorities in coming years. 

"This data becomes relevant given the political-economic scenario and its impact on the business sphere," he concluded. 


Published: 7/5/2017