Int'l experts to analyze impact of regional school food programs in Lima

LIMA, PERÚ - AGOSTO 10.La ministra de Desarrollo e Inclusión Social (MIDIS) Paola Bustamante supervisa el reinicio del servicio alimentario escolar Qali Warma. Foto: ANDINA/Norman Córdova

16:14 | Lima, Aug. 24.

From August 26 to 28 August, Lima will host the Seventh Latin American and Caribbean School Feeding Regional Seminar, intended to be a regional and specialized platform to exchange knowledge and experiences on school feeding.

The seminar "School Feeding: a Social Protection Tool for Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion" will present the significant progress made by the National School Food Program, Qali Warma.

The meeting will also address key aspects in order to strengthen the implementation of such programs and analyze the impact of public policies in the region.

The event is expected to bring together senior officials from Latin America and the Caribbean, recognized international and domestic specialists, as well as researchers in the international academy.

Delegations from more than 20 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and England have confirmed their participation. Furthermore, the World Bank, FAO, OPS, among other school feeding international programs, will be present as well. 

School food programs in the region have gained importance, since they have provided about 85 million boys and girls from Latin America and Caribbean with breakfast, dinner and lunch at their school.

The implementation of food programs has implied constant development and growth, several new challenges such as food supply, quality, coverage, malnutrition issues, obesity and innocuousness.

One of guests of honor will be Bachir Sarr, Senior Analyst of School Health and Nutritional Policy at Partnership for Child Development (PCD) based at Imperial College London, England.

He has a PhD in security and toxicology of food from Texas A&M University and another in food science. Also, he holds a Bachelor degree in engineering from Gembloux University in Belgium.


Published: 8/24/2015
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