Int'l Day for Monuments: Peru has over 31,000 archaeological sites and monuments

16:00 | Lima, Apr. 18.

More than 31,000 monuments and archaeological sites are part of Peru's heritage, said the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, which is celebrated every year on April 18.

According to the government agency, a total of 27,060 archaeological sites built before pre-Hispanic times have been identified in all regions across the country.

In addition, Peru houses 4,323 monuments built after pre-Hispanic times, which have been declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation and are part of the country's history and heritage.

The Ministry of Culture highlighted that among the outstanding pre-Hispanic archaeological sites are: the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Chavin Archaeological Site, Chan Chan Archaeological Complex, Caral Sacred City, Kuelap Archaeological Zone, Sican Archaeological Complex, Mateo Salado Archaeological Zone, Huacas del Sol y la Luna Archaeological Complex, Saywite Archaeological Complex, among others.

On the other hand, the Cathedral of Lima, Santa Teresa Church and Monastery in Cusco, Torre Tagle Palace, Real Felipe Castle, the Cathedral of Puno, Casona Monsante in Chachapoyas, Casona de Beaterio in Arequipa, Constitution Square in Huancayo, and Quinta de Presa in Lima's Rimac district, stand out among the monuments built after pre-Hispanic times.

Regarding monuments, it should be noted that 1,255 are located in Lima, 462 in Arequipa, 442 in Ayacucho, 337 in La Libertad, 244 in Cusco, 234 in Cajamarca, 198 in Lambayeque, among others.

Of the total monuments, 3,160 were built during the Viceregal era, 1,131 during the Republican era, and 32 during the Contemporary era.

Lima is the leader in the three eras, housing 716 Viceregal monuments, 512 Republican monuments, and 27 Contemporary monuments.


Published: 4/18/2024