Infanta Elena of Spain meets with children and youth in Peru

13:14 | Lima, Jul. 11.

Spanish Infanta Elena de Borbon visited the Nieveria area of Huachipa —a community in Lima's Lurigancho-Chosica district— where the foundation she leads has established a social, educational development center for low-income children, youth, and families.

Funded by MAPFRE Foundation and supported by CESAL NGO, the project encourages the educational and social development of minors at pre-school and school levels, as well as teenagers and young people in the area.

The initiative seeks to contribute to Huachipa's social and educational development. Plus, it aims to strengthen cognitive and social skills of minors in the community, which is key when it comes to promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Likewise, the program helps young people and parents get formal jobs, as well as manage some economic undertakings. To date, beneficiaries include more than 5,600 children and youth.

More sports

While in Huachipa, the sister of King Felipe VI of Spain visited Warma Yachay, a socio-sporting school run by the Real Madrid Foundation in collaboration with CESAL and MAPFRE Foundation —the latter since 2009.

This project promotes sports among children and teenagers living in social vulnerability conditions in Nieveria, Jicamarca, and Cajamarquilla localities.

Based on an integrated approach and comprising different educational disciplines, the school serves 233 minors aged 6-16 and uses sports as a training strategy.

Elena de Borbon was joined by MAPFRE Foundation Vice-President Antonio Nuñez, MAPFRE Peru CEO Renzo Calda, MAPFRE Foundation Social Action Director Daniel Restrepo, and representatives of project-executing organizations.


Published: 7/11/2018
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