IMF hails Peru's progress on economic inclusion

Photo: Programa Juntos.

Photo: Programa Juntos.

16:21 | Lima, Oct. 30 (ANDINA).

Peruvian government's efforts to promote economic inclusion are seen in the expansion of the employment rate, playing a key role in the country's social inclusion, International Monetary Fund's (IMF) residence representative in Peru, Kevin Ross has said.
IMF's official noted the ongoing Peruvian economic inclusion is also supported by greater access to financing as it facilitates endeavors in a decentralized manner and in resource-poor areas.

"Both topics are making progress in Peru, which can be observed in the reduction of the chronic child malnutrition," the representative of the multilateral entity told El Peruano official daily.

Kross noted the FMI has praised the Andean nation for being one of the four economies with greater financial integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, recording sustainable growth levels and high consumption fueled by rising incomes.

In this regard, Kross hailed the Peruvian government for generating greater local added value, thus increasing the country's participation in international trade by promoting the diversification of the economy.

The IMF in its latest report titled "World Economic Outlook (WEO)" projected Peru's economy is set to grow 5.4% by the end of this year, while next year the entity projected an expansion of 5.8%.


Published: 10/30/2013
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