Harvard University experts analyze DNA of Peru's ancient female ruler

Más de 43,000 personas han visitado el complejo arqueológico El Brujo. ANDINA

13:32 | Lima, Aug. 26.

Archaeologist Regulo Franco Jordan announced that Harvard University experts have started to analyze the DNA of Lady of Cao, the first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru.

The other six people buried with her will also undergo the analysis.  

Researchers aim to determine if the Lady of Cao is related to the main priest, secondary priest, sacrificed maidens and guard found inside the tombs.

“Samples are already in the United States; experts are reviewing the information and the results will be released by 2017. DNA tests used to show the mother’s line, but with the progress of technology, they now trace that of the father; that is, it is more complete,” said Regulo Franco, archaeologist at El Brujo site.

More research

On the other hand, the Wiese Foundation is looking to sign an agreement with Harvard University, which will enable it to conduct research over the following five years. The prestigious university will seek financing from National Geographic for future field campaigns and the excavation of different sectors.

One of the sectors include the Temple of Cupisnique, which was partially excavated in 1947. This research will determine if the site is a temple or any other important ceremonial building part of El Brujo.

Other future actions include excavations of thick walls, which constitutes another sector at the platform level. This area was heavily plundered. Investigations will help understand the architecture and construction stages. 

There is another hump, that was partially destroyed after the sea flooded the coast a few years ago. Archeologists have not performed excavations there, and the site is believed to belong to the late Chimu time.

Plans for 2018, 2019 and 2020 depend on the findings to be reported. 


Published: 8/26/2016