Foreigners granted Peruvian citizenship in special ceremony

ANDINA/Dante Zegarra

18:12 | Lima, Dec. 9.

For the first time, ten foreigners received Peruvian citizenship certificates during a special ceremony, where they swore allegiance to their new homeland and its Constitution, as well as sang along to the national anthem.

The event took place at National Superintendence of Migrations headquarters in Lima on Friday morning. 

New Peruvian citizens came from Cuba (1), Brazil (2), Mexico (2), Ukraine (1), Bolivia (1), the United States (2) and Russia (1). 

The ceremony was presided over by Interior Minister Carlos Basombrio, who stressed the Inca nation welcomes them with open arms.

"We want you here and you will be well treated," he affirmed.

Chaired by Superintendent Eduardo Sevilla, the new Migrations administration has managed to reduce the citizenship process from 24 to 2 months, the official highlighted. 

Likewise, it has adopted citizenship ceremonies as the final step in becoming a Peruvian citizen.

"Changing the way [citizenship] certificates are presented is relevant, as we don't want it to be simply a cold, bureaucratic formality. And now we have also reduced the time for naturalization," he pointed out. 

Cuba-born Duvier de Armas Gonzalez spoke on behalf of the foreign —and now also Peruvian— citizens. He expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to be in the country and committed to honoring his new status. 

According to Migrations data, a total of 5,789 foreigners became naturalized Peruvian citizens over the last six years.

So far this year, 312 people have filed for citizenship, most of whom have Peruvian spouses (245). 


Published: 12/9/2016
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