Foreign Trade Min: Peru respects trade commitments to U.S.

10:42 | Lima, Jan. 8.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry's (Mincetur) Head Edgar Vasquez affirmed Peru is respectful of its commercial commitments to the United States.

In this regard, he stressed the Andean nation fully complies with the Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) signed between the two countries in 2006, which has strengthened their economic relations.

Vasquez referred to the request for environment consultations made by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) to Mincetur, regarding a Peruvian decision to attach the Agency for Supervision of Forest Resources and Wildlife (Osinfor) to the Ministry of Environment (Minam).

According to the minister, this change does not affect —in any way— the functions or competence of said entity.

"Osinfor continues to be independent and separate in accordance to the obligations assumed on the subject under the United States–Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA)," he said.

It is worth noting that the Peruvian Government's decision to attach Osinfor to Minam was adopted according to the provisions of the Framework Law on the Modernization of Public Management, thus guaranteeing its independence in accordance with the commitments under the PTPA.

Permanent dialogue

The government official said Peru maintains an open dialogue with U.S. authorities on a permanent basis. 

"Both governments keep in touch on this issue through official channels. We will continue in this direction, with the aim of further strengthening our bilateral relationship," he said.


Environment consultations are outlined in the Environment Chapter of the United States–Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) with the purpose of discussing any matter arising from the implementation or application of the aforementioned Chapter, with a view to reaching a mutually satisfactory solution.

The above-mentioned agreement was signed in Washington D.C. on April 12, 2006, and came into force in February 2009.

On December 31, 2018, Mincetur sent a communication to USTR providing details on Osinfor's attachment to Minam, which can be found here.


Published: 1/8/2019
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