Fin Min revises upwards Peru GDP growth projection to 4% for 2018

09:18 | Lima, Aug. 23.

Economy and Finance Ministry has revised upwards Peru's GDP growth projection from 3.6% to 4% for 2018, according to the new 2019-2022 Multiannual Macroeconomic Framework (MMM) approved Wednesday by the Council of Ministers.

"We've approved a GDP growth path that starts with a 4% expansion in 2018 and reaches 5% in 2021," Economy and Finance Minister Carlos Oliva pointed out. 

The high-ranking official explained GDP progressive increases are expected during the next years, supported by a number of items included in the 2019-2022 Multiannual Macroeconomic Framework. 

Fiscal deficit 

According to the 2019-2022 Multiannual Macroeconomic Framework, the fiscal deficit will end at 3% of GDP this year. 

Said decrease will be underpinned by a combination of higher tax revenues and a greater economic growth

"With these aspects and other details, we can support and create a credible path to 1% of GDP," the minister indicated. 


Published: 8/23/2018
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