Fin Min: Peru's economy to expand 13% this year, to see highest growth in LatAm

Photo: PCM

Photo: PCM

19:58 | Lima, Dec. 15.

Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Francke on Wednesday highlighted that Peru will post economic growth of 13% this year, which will be the highest in Latin America.

The government official noted that international financial markets have confidence in the country.

He also provided details on the progress made by the Peruvian macro-economy this year.

"It has been confirmed that the Peruvian economy will grow 13% this year, this is the growth rate of its gross domestic product (GDP), which will be the highest in Latin America —a quite significant figure and at least three percentage points higher than the forecast made in the beginning of the year," Francke affirmed.

"Secondly, regarding public investment projections as of November, the execution has already amounted more than S/31 billion (about US$7.6 billion) between January and November," he said.

In this sense, the minister noted that this is the highest level of public investment execution of every January-November period in all of the years on record.

"In our projections, we reaffirm that the country is going to have a level of public investment amounting to S/36 billion (about US$8.8 billion), and it will be —again— the highest level of public investment ever recorded in Peru," the Cabinet member emphasized.

His remarks were delivered during a press conference following the Council of Ministers session held on Wednesday at the Government Palace in Lima.


Published: 12/15/2021
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