Ex-Peruvian Soccer Federation President to continue serving preventive detention

Photo: PJ

Photo: PJ

14:57 | Lima, Jun. 14.

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected the appeal submitted by former Peruvian Soccer Federation (FPF) President Edwin Oviedo and confirmed the 18-month preventive detention against him for the Wachiturros de Tuman criminal organization case.

The Prosecutor's Office accuses Oviedo of being the perpetrator-by-means of the assassination of Percy Farro and Manuel Rimarachin, two former Tuman sugar factory union leaders.

Oviedo's attorney Cesar Nakazaki requested the Supreme Court to declare null the 18-month preventive detention order against his client, claiming the due process had not been followed. 

Earlier, the Supreme Court summarized its decision and notified the parties about the verdict for further detailed assessment.


Published: 6/14/2019