Discover the enigmatic Lady of Cao in La Libertad

La Señora de Cao, primera gobernanta moche del antiguo Perú, será mostrada en documental.

12:49 | Lima, Nov. 15.

Several archaeological attractions that amaze national and foreign visitors are found in Peru’s northern La Libertad region. One of them is El Brujo archaeological complex, where lies the mummified body of the Lady of Cao.

Discovered in 2015, her remains became one of Peru’s most alarming and significant archaeological findings over the last years. 

The role of women at government levels during the development of pre-Hispanic cultures in South America was reconsidered thanks to this find.

This royal character was found in a perfectly-preserved condition. Tattoos on her arms, ankles and fingers still remain visible, confirming her high-ranking position and prestige. 

Despite her young age, 20 years, the Lady of Cao was capable of leading many ceremonies and rituals. 

On the other hand, entire grave goods were also identified along with the said female mummy. Thus, this finding clearly proves the relevant role played by women in ancient civilizations. 

This way, such major discovery contributes to rebuilding the magnificence displayed by one of the pre-Hispanic world’s most creative and vibrant cultures.  

The Cao Museum 

Located in El Brujo archaeological complex, the Cao Museum recreates a long sequence of cultural developments occurred through more than 5,000 years. 

Besides featuring important findings coming from excavations, the site aims to create commercial links between the community and the tourism industry. 


Published: 11/15/2016
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