Cisco powers rural fiber network deployment in Peru

14:30 | Lima, Jan. 15 (ANDINA).

Cisco, in cooperation with its Peruvian partner Optical Networks, has completed a fiber-optic network project in Tacna, Peru.

Around 10,000 people in Candarave, a community in Tacna in southern Peru, will be able to access internet and telephony services, reports.

The Telecommunications Investment Fund (Fondo de Inversion en Telecomunicaciones – Fitel) has been in charge of the financing of the project, whose bid was won by the Optical Consortium.

This project's investment, US$ 3.6 million, includes the provision of 300 kilometers (186 miles) of fiber optic cable and the development of connectivity services to provide telephony and broadband internet to the inhabitants of that area.

The technological investment in Candarave also integrates health services via an intranet (a private network of connected computers). In a second stage, with Cisco's direct participation, the HD Cisco TelePresence platform will be launched. People will also have access to IPTV services.

The districts benefiting from this project are Cairani, Camilaca, Candarave, Curibaya, Huanuara and Quilahuani from the province of Candavare, Tacna region.

The services offered are the following: 23 locations with public telephony, eight locations with subscriber telephony, six locations with internet access, six local governments with Internet and intranet, 23 local public schools with intranet, 12 health centers with intranet, and two police stations with intranet.


Published: 1/15/2013