Benjamin Bratt shows cooking skills on "Despierta America"

peruvian benjamin bratt cooking

peruvian benjamin bratt cooking

16:06 | Los Angeles (US), Sep. 5.

Born to a Peruvian mother, U.S. actor Benjamin Bratt along with colleague Bryan Cranston cooked lomo saltado (Peruvian style beef stir fry) on Univision’s “Despierta America” (Wake up America).

"I hope to honor all Peruvian friends and their exquisite food because they really cook very delicious," renowned host Karla Martinez stated. 

Brat put his cooking talent on display by preparing the typical Peruvian dish, while being assisted by Cranston. 

In the end, the presenter invited actors to try the dish. Cranston rapidly tasted such delicacy made from beef. 

As is known, Bratt and Cranston are remembered for their roles in the TV series “Law and Order” and “Breaking Bad,” respectively.

Peru is famous for its extraordinary gastronomy.


Published: 9/5/2016
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