BCR: Peru has registered 20 years of continuous growth

10:25 | Cajamarca (Cajamarca region), Jun. 6.

Central Reserve Bank (BCR) has noted Peruvian economy's 20 years of continuous growth.

In this sense, the financial entity indicated that it takes generations for a country to recover from recession periods —such as the one in the 80's. 

"Macroeconomic foundations are quite solid. We are doing very well in the macroeconomic area, but clearly that is not enough to continue making progress," BCR Economic Studies Central Manager Adrian Armas expressed. 

"We all want progress in our region and our country. We must find a way to achieve that through a technical manner and dialogue, which are an essential matter," he added. 

Likewise, Armas indicated the BCR's work is doing well, as inflation has not been a problem in Peru for a long time

Furthermore, he pointed out the BCR's job is to know the Inca country's economic situation. 

Remarks were made during the closing ceremony of Cajamarca Region's Economic Meeting.

Held in the northern Andean city, the event provided them with an opportunity to understand and talk about the region's reality. 


Published: 6/6/2019
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