Arequipa to be second city in Peru to get metro system

LIMA PERÚ, JULIO 31. Tren eléctrico, metro de Lima San Juan de Lurigancho. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejia

18:50 | Lima, Sep. 03.

Peru’s Transport and Communications Ministry (MTC) today announced plans to build metropolitan railway networks across the country, and Arequipa is said to be the first major inner city to own one.

“There are private initiatives supported by advanced technical studies that will soon be announced, which means we will have some good news for other cities in the coming months,” said Jose Gallardo, the country's transport and communications minister.

Considered as the second most important city of the country because of its high densely populated area, Arequipa is shaping up as the next Peruvian metropolis that requires such a modern, massive transportation system.

“This will result in a gradual development of the said transportation system at a national scale that will include such a modern infrastructure,” he added.

Meanwhile, as for the Lima Metro network, he said his office is making efforts to consolidate an integrated transportation system and, therefore, benefit the whole population.

Mr. Gallardo announced that construction works of Lima’s Metro Line 2 will start on September 15th. It is worth mentioning this will be the first underground electric railroad in the city linking the district of Ate (Lima) and the Callao region adjoining the capital.

The 35 km line will transport more than a million passengers a day, saving time, money and providing millions of families a quality of life and a means of transportation as good as that of other big cities around the world. 

Published: 9/3/2014
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