APEC 2016: Peru outlines priorities ahead of Asia-Pacific summit

Logo APEC 2016

Logo APEC 2016

09:29 | Lima, Jan. 30.

Peru defined four priority areas that would be addressed at 2016 APEC summit, which are set to ensure continuity of those established by the Philippine Presidency of such forum in 2015.

Human Capital Development

The first point of the APEC 2016 agenda involves investing in human resources to make a qualitative leap by transforming from a natural resources-based economy to a sophisticated one aimed at services and information and capable to use new technologies and innovation.

Upgrading SMEs 

Small and medium-sized enterprises—SMEs, which play a predominant role in the economic structure of Peru and are widely spread throughout the region, must join the regional value-added chain by applying new technologies and innovative approaches.

This will improve competitiveness and productivity. Besides, it will be beneficial to the economy due to its positive impact on employment.

Regional Food Market

This point highlights the option to promote a free-flowing, functional and transparent regional food market aimed at addressing trade restrictions that arise in some APEC economies without a clear justification.

This option is based on the food security concept, that is, the society’s ability to access abundant and predictable supplies necessary for their development. 

Regional Economic Integration Agenda

Peru will maintain the continuity of the APEC key agenda toward regional integration, deeper free trade and investment initiatives, and structural reforms that should join the process.


Published: 1/30/2016