Andina news agency marks 37th anniversary

12:35 | Lima, Jun. 12.

State-run Andina news agency on Tuesday marks the 37th anniversary of its establishment as a reference means of communication in Peru and the world.

The Peruvian news agency was established during the second term of President Fernando Belaunde Terry in 1981.

At the beginning, Andina contributed informative coverage to the Government Palace and Congress' news sections.

Later in the 1980s, the agency moved to Editora Peru headquarters, where it currently operates.

From there, journalists cover different topics in political, economic, cultural, sports, and other areas.

The past 37 years have seen a great evolution from its early days (in the fax era) until the present (in today's Internet-centric world).

This is the era of multimedia journalism, videos, online radio and TV, Facebook news feed, and drones, and Andina is not indifferent to such a change.

Nowadays, its web-based platform has an English-language version that has enjoyed great success along with its online channel and radio services.

The integration of Andina's different platforms, including social networks Facebook and Twitter, has helped it preserve and increase its most precious resource: credibility.

Its youth and experienced members work together by doing their best in a neutral and objective manner. 

This combined work is crucial for Andina's involvement in major events, presidential summits, global economic forums, and all the facts that will go down in history.

Throughout its history, the agency has become step by step an undisputed source for news often consulted by domestic media and foreign agencies around the world.

Andina is owned by Editora Peru, which also publishes the official gazette El Peruano.


Published: 6/12/2018
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