Peruvian Pisco to be promoted at 2018 World Cup

Crece número de empresas productoras de pisco en el Perú.

Crece número de empresas productoras de pisco en el Perú.

16:09 | Ica (Ica region), Feb. 23.

Peru's southern producers will make the most of the 2018 World Cup as they will promote Pisco among event attendees, who will be able to taste the quality of its varieties, Paracas' Tourism and Foreign Trade Chamber Vice-President Jaime Galvan announced.

"We are completely sure that Pisco will have a great acceptance thanks to its quality," Galvan expressed in this sense. 

"We salute the [Peruvian] State for promoting the import of this excellent product into the global market, which will mean an important benefit for producers from the country's southern area," he added. 

The officer went on to say the idea is to give consumers —who will attend the 2018 World Cup in RussiaPisco samples.


Galvan noted there are four varieties of Pisco that can be successfully promoted during the sporting event. 

One of these is Puro, which is special due to its fine distillation and single-grape origin. 

Another one is Mosto Verde —made from the distillation of fresh musts that are not fully fermented.

Also, among the options, there is Acholado —obtained from the blend of different grape or Pisco varieties. 

Finally, there is Aromatico. In this sense, he highlighted this kind of Pisco smells like flowers and fruits, featuring an aromatic flavor.


Published: 2/23/2018