Peru President: Gov't to fund necessary budget for projects in Lima

12:37 | Lima, Nov. 8.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed his administration will allocate the funds recently-elected Lima Mayor Jorge Muñoz will need to execute works.

"I have told Muñoz he will not have any budgetary problems. I guarantee we will finance the new Lima Mayor's works ahead," the Head of State told Santa Rosa Radio. 

According to him, Lima is in need of significant infrastructure investments. Thus, elected Mayor Muñoz is concerned about the budget he will receive when he assumes his duties. 

"I tell him: 'do not worry, we will give you the budget you require; do not worry,'" the statesman added. 

Likewise, President Vizcarra indicated there is not only willingness to work with Muñoz, but also with Callao Region mayors, since there are different regulations for each jurisdiction. 

Additionally, he said, service prices should be appropriate, not abusive nor free. Resources are needed for works' operations and maintenance, as well as for executions

Furthermore, the top official informed he will hold meetings with the elected mayors for Metropolitan Lima districts. 

The Head of State also recalled Congress' second vote for the creation of an Autonomous Transport Authority is still pending. 


Published: 11/8/2018
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