Peru: Fruit exports exceeded US$2.148 billion in Jan-Sep 2019

14:49 | Lima, Dec. 2.

Peruvian fruit exports slightly exceeded US$2.148 billion between January and September 2019, a 7% expansion compared to the same period last year, the Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) has reported.

Fruits such as avocados, grapes, blueberries, mangoes, and tangerines stood out in this sense.

The evolution of dispatches has been positive over recent years. They expanded around 15% (2015), 13% (2016), 18% (2017), and 26% (2018).

This result was due to the diversification of products (blueberries, more varieties of citrus and berries, macadamia nuts, and others) as well as of markets, thanks to the efforts undertaken by the National Agricultural Sanitation Service (Senasa), which continue lifting sanitary barriers in various destinations.

Export figures

The main fruits exported by Peru between January and September were avocados (US$740.15 million) which —despite decreasing 4%— accounted for 34% of the total. They were followed by grapes (US$372.33 million), blueberries (US$347.43 million), mangoes, tangerines, and bananas.

The main target markets were the United States and the Netherlands.

Shipments to the North American country totaled US$773.08 million (+20%), followed by those to the European Union US$500.38 million (-10%).

Other markets were the United Kingdom and Spain (-1% and -11% respectively), China, Canada, Chile, South Korea, and Russia.


Published: 12/2/2019
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