Peru: First cargo of Satsuma tangerines left for Japan

17:38 | Lima, May. 22.

The first container of Satsuma tangerines departed on Wednesday from Huaral province (Lima region) to Japan, after a decade of negotiations, Peru's Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry (Minagri) informed.

Japan is a potential market of 126 million consumers. 

This citrus fruit is a Japanese variety brought for production purposes. It acclimatized in Peru and is now ready to be exported to its place of origin. 

Earlier, the National Agricultural Sanitation Service (Senasa) certified the container holding 22,800 kilos of tangerines and placed the security seal in order to prevent manipulation of content during the trip. 

Likewise, these seals certify the cargo meets international standards of food safety and is free of pests and quarantine diseases. 

In this sense, the shipment adheres to the work plan signed between Peru and Japan in 2018. 

Hass avocado was the last Peruvian product to enter the Japanese market, back in 2015. Exports might reach 335,000 tons this year. 


Published: 5/22/2019