Armed Forces staff at markets, bus stops, banks and malls to avoid gatherings

12:26 | Lima, Jun. 30.

Peruvian Defense Minister Walter Martos on Tuesday affirmed that members of the Armed Forces will be stationed at bus stops, markets, banks, and shopping centers to avoid gatherings of people during the economic reopening phase.

The government official explained that the mitigation phase, in which the economy must be reactivated to meet the needs of the country, does not mean the coronavirus pandemic is over.

"The country has to be reactivated as people come out of their home, but we must know how to protect ourselves. The State has a strategy to face the pandemic in a localized manner and, at this phase, the Armed Forces will be operating at markets, places with conglomeration of people, bus stops, banks, and malls," he expressed.

According to the minister, the resumption of economic activities takes place gradually and considering that they must be conducted in compliance with the protocols to avoid infection. 

"The idea is to continue working but without increasing the infection rate in the country," the Cabinet member expressed.

Martos also said that the Government is constantly assessing the measures adopted within the context of the pandemic, such as the reactivation of the economy, so as to see the effects it has caused.


Published: 6/30/2020
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