Apavit: Peru to welcome 4.5 million tourists in 2020

09:42 | Lima, Feb. 11.

Peru's tourism sector will grow above 3% this year thanks to the strategy that will be implemented by the South American country with the purpose of attracting a greater flow of visitors, among which those who are canceling their trips to China and other Asian nations stand out, Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Apavit) Chairman Ricardo Acosta has affirmed.

According to Acosta, everything indicates that in 2020 the Inca country will welcome around 4.54 million visitors from various markets, such as Latin American countries (Chile, Colombia, and Argentina).

In this regard, the chairman stressed that Peru has a wide range of attractions linked to its culture and cuisine highly valued throughout the world.

"We have to keep in mind that Europeans, who had planned to travel to China, will choose to visit destinations like ours (following the Coronavirus alert). The same will happen with (tourists from) the United States and other countries."

The Apavit officer stressed that Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) is doing a great job in this sense.


Published: 2/11/2020
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