Peru PM: Govt to guarantee digital transformation towards a more efficient State

Twitter: PCM Peru

Twitter: PCM Peru

11:51 | Cajamarca (Cajamarca region), Oct. 21.

Peruvian Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos on Monday affirmed that President Martin Vizcarra's administration has made the decision to guarantee the digital transformation of the State as one of its management pillars aimed at achieving the proposed national goals.

While inaugurating the First Digital GORE in the Northern Andean city of Cajamarca, the head of the cabinet said the current challenge is to achieve an efficient, reliable, inclusive, productive, and close-to-the-people State.

"I have come to ratify, as the Government, that digital innovation is a State policy; it is not a mere premise, but the aim for all the government levels," he expressed.

The high-ranking government official said the Executive Branch envisions a State which relies on a modern public administration that is effective, timely, and available to all citizens. Thus, digital innovation is important.

Likewise, Zeballos stressed that the Government prioritizes Digital and Health Education, the use of telemedicine to narrow gaps in access and care. He also underlined that a good public administration must respond to the citizens' demands.

The First Digital GORE meeting in Cajamarca aims to strengthen Peru's digital strategy, which addresses four areas: the digital economy promoted by the Ministry of Production and digital education supported by the Ministry of Education.

In addition, digital connectivity is promoted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, plus the digital government is boosted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The GORE-Executive meetings —which feature Peruvian ministers and regional governors— are aimed to spur actions that will encourage further development in the nation.


Published: 10/21/2019
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