Peru Culture Min works to protect Uros people

16:39 | Puno (Puno region), Feb. 2.

Peru's Culture Minister Alejandro Neyra arrived at Uros floating islands —in southeastern Puno region— to learn and meet the needs of its ancestral people.

During his visit, Neyra participated in Coca Quinto —a traditional water tribute paying ceremony— along with authorities and representatives of said indigenous community.

Likewise, he reaffirmed the Government's commitment to continue working for the protection of their rights.

"Not long ago, Congress recognized you as a native and ancestral people. We want this to be crystallized through the work undertaken by Puno's Decentralized Office and our Indigenous Peoples Department in Lima," the official expressed.

"The Culture Ministry is working with the Directorate of Indigenous Languages to preserve native languages, such as Uros, which are the source of […] our ancestral knowledge," he pointed out.

It must be noted this visit was conducted within the framework of Virgen de la Candelaria festivity, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Native peoples in Puno

According to the Official Database of Indigenous or Native Peoples, there are 1,316 peasant communities in Puno, 815 of which have been preliminarily identified as part of Andean indigenous ethnic groups. From this total, 316 are Aymara, 498 are Quechua, and 1 is Uros.


Published: 2/2/2018
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