Pope Francis' visit to bring joy to Peruvians

Papa Francisco

Papa Francisco

17:18 | Lima, Dec. 29.

Pope Francis' visit to Peru will lead to a great celebration, as it will bring the spiritual and pastoral message the population sorely needs, said Labor and Employment Promotion Minister Alfonso Grados, head of the Papal Visit Organization Committee in Peru.

In an interview with State-run TV Peru channel, Grados noted the Supreme Pontiff is expected to be in close contact with Peruvians during his activities in Lima, Puerto Maldonado, and Trujillo.

Likewise, the cabinet member informed he will —next week— carry out inspections in the three cities to monitor the progress of works in locations where pastoral activities will take place.

His Holiness will hold a mass service in the nation's capital on January 21.

Thus, Grados pointed out the construction of grandstands and Pope's platform at Lima's Las Palmas Air Base has started this week.

Finally, Grados informed efforts are also underway in Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo in coordination with regional and municipal authorities to ensure safety, logistics, and communication during the papal visit.

As is known, Pope Francis will visit Peru on January 18-21, 2018


Published: 12/29/2017