Second anchovy season in Peru sees highest quota in history

17:49 | Lima, Nov. 15.

Production Minister Rocio Barrios said on Friday that the second anchovy-fishing season of 2019 in Peru's central and northern sea area sees the highest catch quota in history at 2.786 million tons.

"This second season recorded the highest catch in history. Typically, second catch quotas in previous years have fluctuated between 1.8 million tons and 2.1 million tons approximately, but this year they are around 2.8 million tons," she noted.

According to Barrios, this is good news for the Peruvian economy since higher revenues are expected. Besides, for the first time, new fishing rights will be applied in the tax collection during this second fishing season. 

"We should keep in mind that the beginning of the season stimulates employment, since we generate 3 or 4 additional jobs for each person who works in indirect human consumption fishing activities," she added.

Reports by Peru's Sea Institute (Imarpe) indicate that the biomass estimate for the second fishing season in Peru's central and northern sea area —which is to start on November 16— was 8 million tons.

"Out of this total, the chosen optimal scenario, which usually implies 35% of this biomass, was to allocate an anchovy fishing quota of 2.786 million tons for the second season," she pointed out.


Published: 11/15/2019