President: Govt achieves the return of 7,000 Peruvians after border closure

13:02 | Lima, Apr. 3.

The Government has achieved the return of 7,000 Peruvian citizens —who had been stranded abroad— following the border closure decreed due to the national state of emergency aimed at containing the COVID-19 spread in the country, President Martin Vizcarra reported on Friday afternoon.

The top official stressed that Peruvians, who return to the country, remain in quarantine in specific places to monitor and prevent them from spreading the virus, in case they are infected with COVID-19.

The statesman reported that the first Peruvians repatriated will —on Saturday— complete two weeks of quarantine at different hotels, so they can return to their homes, where —he stressed— they will remain under social isolation.

After the closure of borders and the suspension of international flights, the Government ordered Peruvians stranded abroad to register at consulates.

About 18,000 fellow citizens registered to return to the South American country. Thus, the authorities prioritized the return of people in vulnerable situations.

On this occasion, the President was joined by members of the Council of Ministers. The event was held at the Government Palace in Lima.

Friday marks the nineteenth day of mandatory social isolation.


Published: 4/3/2020
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