Peruvian fintech seeks to bring technology closer to MSEs



13:19 | Austin (U.S.), Mar. 13.

Peruvian Innova Factoring (fintech) startup seeks to bring digital tools closer to small enterprises —that rely on low capital— by providing them with cutting-edge technologies.

"We're very grateful to Promperu for the opportunity to showcase our proposal," said Percy Augustin, Peruvian entrepreneur and speaker at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival currently underway in Austin, Texas.

"We have succeeded in allowing micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to have access to working capital at a low cost," he noted. 

This sector's growth stood at 2000% in the past year. This way, over 60 Inca micro and small entrepreneurs have managed to get access to working capital.

"We expect to double or triple this figure in the Peruvian market by using the electronic billing [system] in 2018," Augustin concluded. 

It must be noted Innova Factoring has so far been holding meetings with investors —interested in making deals with Peruvian micro enterprises— at the event. 


Published: 3/13/2018