Peru's PM: Government reiterates call for dialogue in face of marches

Photo: TV

Photo: TV

16:00 | Lima, Jul. 19.

Prime Minister Alberto Otarola on Wednesday reiterated the call for dialogue in the face of a series of marches announced in the city of Lima and various Peruvian regions.

Within this framework, the Cabinet chief expressed his appreciation for those who marched for peace, such as the case of the nearly 1,500 motorcycle taxi drivers in Lima who had come out to defend their work activities and the free circulation of people.

"Concerning the marches summoned for today, the Government reiterates the call for calm, for peace; it is a situation that was foreseen; we have been permanently informed by all regions. The Government reiterates its call for dialogue and awareness regarding the protest marches," he expressed.

Likewise, Otarola indicated that, at the end of Wednesday, the Executive Branch will provide a second report on the situation of the marches called by various civil society guilds.

"In several regions, demonstrators came out and complicated events occurred; in Huancavelica, for example, the situation was brought under control by the police; in general, the Government reiterates full respect for citizen liberties and the integrity of those who go out to march," he expressed.

Furthermore, the Cabinet chief highlighted the high attendance at schools and workplaces, being considered a normal day in Lima and various regions.

Call for dialogue

The Prime Minister invited those who are organizing marches to talk directly with the Executive Branch.

"With great pleasure, we are waiting for you here whenever you deem it convenient, (thus meaning) the people who are going to march or have marched, to engage in dialogue, to establish contact with us, with the appropriate organizations, (involving) the ministries if the claims are of a social character," he said. 

Moreover, Otarola stressed that the Government prioritized dialogue at all times, as proven by the meetings President Dina Boluarte had held with regional and local authorities.

"Dialogue has practically been our political line. The President of the Republic has met successively with more than 1,000 local authorities, with many mayors," he indicated.

Remarks were made during a press conference held following a session of the Council of Ministers.

This event was held at the Government Palace Courtyard of Honor in the Peruvian capital, Lima.


Published: 7/19/2023