Peru train crash near Machu Picchu: List of wounded

10:17 | Cusco (Cusco region), Aug. 2.

A total of 55 people have been injured near the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru after two trains crashed on Tuesday morning, National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) informed.

In a report updated Wednesday night, Indeci said of the 55 hurt, 26 people —mostly foreigners— remain hospitalized and 29 others were discharged from hospital care.

The following list contains the names of hospitalized people. They come from the United States, South Korea, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, Argentina, and Peru.

Wanda Alvelo Maldonado (U.S.) 
Santiago Marrero Noel (U.S.)
Juan Gabriel Angulo Blanco (Peru)
Ricardo Durand Durand (Peru)
Tania Lastreros Añonco (Peru)
Albertina De Almora (Peru)
Walter Almora (Peru)
Shin Keuyong (South Korea)
Jin Ho Kim (South Korea)
Hee Jung Kwon (South Korea) 
Yang Heeyun (South Korea)
Karen Reyes Cabello (Chile)
Maria Isabel Cabello Arriata (Chile)
Paola Nicole Reyes Cabello (Chile)
Elguita Aparecida Din (Brazil)
Janssen Tara (Canada)
Lizbeth Mora Perez (Peru)
Alejandra Martinez Moreno (Mexico)
Andres Lopez Luna (Peru) 
Sivathmika Markandaier (India) 
Asha Markandaier (India)
Ovidio Mur (Nationality to be confirmed)
Carlos Flores (Nationality to be confirmed)
Marcela Grinux (Argentina)
Janssen Gijs (Canada)
Linda Ann Meyers (U.S.)

Below is the list of those discharged

Marcos Andre De Sarvat (Brazil)
Silvia Andrade Tenorio De Sarvat (Brazil)
Pedro Henrique Tenorio De Sarvat (Brazil)
Carlos David Nassi (Brazil)
Nicolas Baez Reyes (Chile)
Valentina Neyra Reyes (Chile)
Luis Francisco Reyes Espinoza (Chile)
Jorge Alberto Puelles Guerra (Chile)
Tatiana Azabache Boeza (Chile)
Tatiana Fernanda Ortiz Azabache (Chile)
Valentina Tania Ortiz Azabache (Chile)
Franckc Judeaux (France)
Luis Ramon Sanchez (Argentina)
Barathiranjan Markandaier (Canada)
Akshayan Markandaier (Canada)
Carla Caraza Resendiss (Mexico)
Maria Dolores De Burgos (The Netherlands)
Jhon Tinole Mac Demont (U.S.)
Merlin Florendo Oliva (U.S.)
Merylene Adlawan Oliva (U.S.)
Debra Alice Mac Demot (U.S.)
Helen Helene Hall (U.S.)
Meyers Marshall (U.S.)
Roxana Mora Palacios (Peru)
Yanebel Valenzuela Arce (Peru)
Lizbeth Chavez Monge (Peru)
Alejandro Loayza Tapara (Peru)
Willy Chavez Gamarra (Peru)
Enma Shirley Almora Leon (Peru) 


As is known, two trains crashed on Tuesday morning near the famed ruins of Machu Picchu, leaving people wounded.

As stated by one of the passengers, one of the trains had stopped on 82 km of the railroad to Machu Picchu because of a protest by domestic tourists, who blocked the railway track.

The collision happened a few minutes after the unit resumed its journey —once the protest was cleared— when another train hit it from behind on 88 km of the railroad.


Published: 8/2/2018