Peru: Judiciary annuls preventive detention orders against Odebrecht arbitrators

16:06 | Lima, Nov. 27.

The Judicial Branch on Wednesday revoked the preventive detention of eight lawyers investigated for having allegedly favored Brazilian construction company Odebrecht in arbitrations against the Peruvian State.

The National Permanent Appeals Chamber Specialized in Corruption Offenses Committed by Public Officials deemed the appeal as well-founded and decided to impose appearance with restrictions measure on the investigated citizens.

The Judicial Branch has also banned them from leaving the country, as well as ordered the payment of a bond worth S/100,000 (about US$29,542).

The decision will favor lawyers Humberto Abanto, Fernando Cantuarias, Mario Castillo Freyre, Daniel Linares, Ramiro Rivera, Franz Kundmüller, Marcos Espinoza, and Alfredo Zapata.

Preventive detention

Said arbitrators were Humberto Abanto Verastegui, Fernando Cantuarias Salaverry, Marcos Espinoza Rimache, Randol Campos Flores, Luis Pardo Narvaez, Richard Martin Tirado, and Weyden Garcia Rojas.

The list also included Fernando Pebe Romero, Alejandro Alvarez Pedroza, Ramiro Rivera Reyes, Franz Kundmuller Caminiti, Mario Castillo Freyre, Alfredo Zapata Velasco, and Daniel Linares Prado.

They were accused of bribery, illicit association, and money laundering for allegedly favoring Odebrecht, according to the prosecutor.

Likewise, the Third Preparatory Investigation Court —led by Judge Jorge Chavez Tamariz— ordered an 18-month house arrest against Emilio Cassina Rivas, and appearance with restrictions on Emilio David Cassina Ramon. 


In this sense, the prosecutor told the press that the foreign corporation had recognized its culpability concerning the delivery of those illegal payments. 

Furthermore, he indicated that its officers had admitted there were payments and bribes known as "success bonuses" which were granted to arbitrators once they had voted in favor of the company. 

Moreover, Juarez pointed out collaborators and Odebrecht executives had provided documents mentioning the names of the arbitrators who had received illegal money.


Published: 11/27/2019
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